What we do

We use a graphical interface that strategically lays out part information data in a family tree style.

On a single screen, we provide:
  • OEM, 
  • Cage Code
  • Catalog price
  • PMA
  • DER
  • AD
  • CMM info
  • Mating Parts
  • Airline usage
  •  MRO Usage
  • Fleet Data
  • Similar Parts
  • Alternate Parts
  • Repair Vendors
  • Stocking Vendors.

Sub Assy

A smaller consumable assembly like a DC Motor or Solenoid. Are great candidates for DER repairs.


Smaller expendable parts like the nuts and bolts that make up Low or High assemblies.

Low assembly

Typically rotable items that have CMM's like Pneumatic Valves, IDG's, ACM's and Fuel Pumps.

High assembly

High assemblies are major assemblies like Auxiliary Power Units, Landing Gear, Thrust Reversers or Flight Controls.


Engines tracked independently of aircraft, we can provide number in service on order or planned reductions.


End user aircraft , know operators, number in service, on order and planned parking. Drill down to the model number.

Know your parts

•  Know what assemblies and aircraft any part is installed on.
•  Know who is flying your parts or who could be flying your parts.
•  Know PMAs, DER’s, AD’s, SDR’s, OEM’s, Alternates, Similar, Mating parts,
   Reliability, Operators, Vendors, and Repair Sources.
•  Empower new employees to have informed conversations with vendors and customers.
•  Empower sales reps to have part information available while talking to a potential customer.
•  Customize your account to highlight your preferred parts.
•  Empower buyers to know NHA’s and other possible assemblies to help find critically needed parts.
•  Empower engineers with operational, environmental and failure information.
•  Cut the cost of researching parts for business development managers and product managers.
•  Increase sales by decreasing time spent researching parts.
•  Quickly and easily find new sales opportunities.
•  All the part information you need in one simple search on one simple page.