Inside Sales

What takes currently eleven or more websites, gigabits of CMMs, and hours of work, we can provide on one screen in seconds.  With Fulcrum360’s fast searching, Sales reps can find information fast on the fly while on the phone with their customers.   We give your employees the same knowledge their customers have.  They can have more productive conversations and will give your customers the confidence they need to send you the order.  OEM Pricing, Airline Pricing, NHA information, Aircraft Eligibility, AD’s, PMA’s.  Imagine your sales reps having all this information about every part of your catalog.

Account Managers

Buyers and sales reps can stay more informed on parts and find detailed part relationship information from your own catalog. On the spot, searches will make your employees more informed to help customers make better business decisions.  Look for your customer’s capabilities, or aircraft and find new sales opportunities for your team.  Be proactive in finding sales opportunities instead of waiting for your customers to come to you.

Outside Sales

Outside sales reps will enjoy all the same data that their customers already have.  Pull up our software while you are with your customers; review in person with decision-makers bill of materials, NHA’s, Top assemblies and aircraft eligibility.  Develop new sales opportunities with them, by reviewing their capabilities with them.


Engineers will enjoy quick access and easy searching for ADs, SDR’s, and more FAA information. Search for mating parts, alternates, operating environment and detailed CMM descriptions.  Free up your engineer’s time to be an engineer.  Let our software do the critical research for information that already exists, but exists in too many different locations.  While our software cannot be officially used for eligibility or Alternate part information.  Give them a jump start and steer them in the right direction.

Quality Assurance

Just like engineers quality assurance personnel need FAA, CMM and eligibility information, cut through the hours of research and give your quality people the information they need fast.  They will be happy to see Operating descriptions, general descriptions, Have operating environments, FAA AD’s, SDR’s and other information related to the reliability of parts. 

Alternate Sourcing

If you have someone who is in charge of alternate sourcing looking for quality alternatives that extend the life of problem parts.  They will use this software every day.  We keep track of FAA-approved repairs, PMAs, OOP’s and OEM approved alternates.  See what others have already done.  Save time and money by finding the best vendors for your alternate source.


Give your buyers access to the whole story.  When you give your buyer a “Buy sheet”  all they have is a part number.  Save time by giving them OEM list price, Airline Price, Alternate part numbers, Alternate sources, NHA’s, Other NHA’s that may potentially have your part on it.  The bill of materials for the NHA’s part is installed on.  Quickly give them the knowledge of the shop techs.  Our software will open up many more options than they currently have.  Our site isn’t meant to replace other part listing services, but rather open up more options of where to look for alternate parts.

Business Development and Product Managers

If you are researching parts and products for developing new business our software is a must-have.  You will find so much information laid out in a format that will enable you to make quick lucrative investments.  Help determine stock levels, pricing, and margins.  Find Airline and MRO annual usage levels, get a head start on potential supply chain issues and SB information by staying informed on AD’s, PMA’s, and FAA-approved repairs.  We also provide operator and fleet size information.


We consider Airlines and Maintenance companies vital partners who provide us with much of the information we display in our software.  Discounts are available for Airlines and MRO’s.  Airlines also benefit from our software speeding up alternate sourcing searches, finding alternate parts, PMAs and DERs.  The information we share is vital to cutting the expensive costs of aftermarket maintenance.  Suppliers can search airline and MRO data to find parts for production or for stocking inventory.

Heavy Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance like Airlines has tight schedules and stressful delivery dates.  Use our software to find alternate sources, DER repairs, PMA parts, and other alternate sources.  Search for OEM parts, OEM alternates.  Find more sources to keep your supply of parts moving.  Finding all NHA information for parts will open up surplus options you may not have known about.  Open up all your options.

Authorized Distributors

Know where your parts go.  Enable your employees to know more about their parts, who the potential customers are, what aircraft they are installed on, what assemblies they go in.  Build a better inventory by knowing your parts better.  Increase turns and decreases stock levels.  

Repair and Overhaul

Large assemblies and low assembly repair stations play a critical role in the aviation aftermarket supply chain.  Make better use of your inventory by identifying similar parts that share the same components.  Add capabilities on parts that make sense.  Know everything about the parts you are developing new capabilities on.  Aircraft eligibility, fleet sizes, and operators are critical information for making safe investments.  Give your buyers the tools to find alternate sources.


Manufacturers and fabricators sometimes are left dark when it comes to the part they are producing.  Our software will give you the tools you need to know where your parts go on the aircraft and who is using them.  You can also find the operating environment and other part reliability information.

Brokers and Suppliers

Add more sources to your tool kit.  Don’t ask your customers for information like NHAs and alternates, we have you covered.  OEM pricing, Airline Pricing,  FAA Data, Repair Vendors, Airline usage, NHA’s, Aircraft operators and more!