Know where your parts go

We provide a graphical interface that defines Sub Assemblies, Components, Low Assemblies and High Assemblies. Easily see a complete build up or breakdown of any major assembly.

Commercial Aircraft Parts

Complete Market analysis of any commercial aircraft part. Expendable, Rotoble or Major Assembly

Every employee an expert

Give every employee complete market intelligence including OEM Pricing, Manufacturer, CMM Info, BOMs. PMA's, DER's, AD's, SDR's, suppliers and more.
All on one page

Know where your parts go

Our patent pending graphical interface shows in the blink of an eye part relationship information.  Build up or tear down.  Operating environment and matting parts are easy to identify.

Every employee an expert

Every employee in your company can benefit from our online database.  It’s fast enough to use while on the phone with customers and suppliers.  Impress everyone with your part knowledge.  

Blue Print Engine

"Data will talk if you're willing to listen to it"

Processing data into a graphical interface that gives you all the information you would ever need and more.  We collect and research parts all across the industry.  We collect our info from Airlines, MRO’s, OEM’s and the FAA.  What used to take 11 websites, countless customer phone calls and weeks of research we have put it all on one easy to read and customizable page.

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